Informed Decisions

Life sometimes gives you difficult options, but in these times it is important to remember that inaction is your greatest enemy. You must must make the most informed decision possible and move on. Otherwise, you will stagnate and likely suffer greater losses than necessary.

Informed decisions are based on the known factors, as well as the best available information. They ought not be emotionally determined, though you must back them with conviction and deep feeling. Informed decisions are best made in the counsel of reason and wisdom.

One thought on “Informed Decisions

  1. Yes I find it intriquing to consider the possibilities that come to us especially this time of year. I sense there are many seeds looking to germinate in and through us. I was reading something lately that pointed to having an impersonal attitude established in us which shows we are not trying to get what we think we need. Rather it is through the concern and the giving of ourselves to others that allows that which we may need to be given to us through others. If our decision making is prompted from thinking what we may get from doing something that seed if acted on surely will turn into a weed. This is a very pertinent consideration in applying wisdom and helpful counsel in receiving the insight to make decisions that do move us forward in fulfilling what we have been truly designed to give.


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