More Up than Down

My sons and I went on several mountain bike rides this week at the fantastic Chicopee Woods trails in Gainesville, GA. My youngest, who is fast approaching his ninth birthday, was having a rough time with one of the climbs and asked plaintively, “Why does this trail have to go more up than down!?!” 

I chuckled a bit, but then reassured him that there would be descents along the way too. I softly cautioned him not to fixate on the climbs, because he would (as he had during the previous mile or so on the trail), miss the thrill of the downhills. 

So it is in life. Life consists of uphill climbs and exhilarating descents, both of which are key to the experience of life. Complain about the former, and you’ll miss the joy of the latter. I suppose the reverse could be said to be true in the case if a workaholic. 

At any rate, my son got the point, and was filled with a new burst of energy once his attitude was righted relative to the task at hand. A little change in perspective can go a long way to changing your experience. 

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