To Live Well

He who sees a need and waits to be asked for help is as unkind as if he had refused it.” – Dante Alighieri

Happiness is the byproduct of a well-lived life. To live well, you must live honorably, treat others with compassion, and be of service to others. To live well, you must proactively lighten the burdens of others. 

One thought on “To Live Well

  1. Recently my sister’s husband had a heart attack and died on the golf course. The suddenness of this has been a shock to our family and close friends. Their daughter my niece has sent out “A Guide for Helping Others with Grief,” from a book called,”I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye. It lists a variety of things to keep in mind to help in lightening the burden in these situations. One of the things noted is: “Don’t expect the person to reach out to you. Many people will say, call me if there is anything I can do. At this stage, the person grieving will be overwhelmed at the simple thought of picking up the phone. If you are close to this person, simply stop over and begin to help.” Thought to share this example example of being proactive to lift the burden of others and enhancing our experience to live well.


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