Practical Living

A close and genuine relationship with love and truth cannot be found by running away, hiding from, or withdrawing from the world. Going away from a lower state, as necessary as it may be, is not necessarily sufficient to ensure a deeper relationship and understanding of love and truth. 

Man has for far too long contented himself with or resigned himself to the belief that love and truth shall ever remain elusive in this world and be an impenetrable mystery but for rare instances of insight or experience. Nevertheless, love and truth are always at hand. To know them, to have them as companions, you must learn to penetrate the unreal no matter where or with whom you may be. 

The antique pattern of the unreal world, which is built upon a foundation of lies and hatred, is but a thin veneer which coats and distorts man’s perception of reality. That said, you can learn to see through this limited state – not just after meditating in a cave or consuming a mind-altering substance – but in each and every moment of each and every day.  

To do this you must develop the capacity for living with an untroubled heart. You must learn to think, to truly think (not reactively in relation to outer stimuli or in mindless mimicry of the thoughts of another) in a way that allows your inner wisdom to be revealed in relation to the circumstances at hand, no matter how unpleasant, ill-configured, or imperfect they may be. Moreover, you must learn to live transparently, so that others who are in position to provide help can do so. 

Living spiritually, that is, living in a way that love and truth center your concerns and anchor your motivations requires engagement, not dissociation. This is the core of gnosis. This is the essence of practical, generative living. 

One thought on “Practical Living

  1. If we find ourselves feeling dissociated from others it is good to recognize it as a signal we are not really thinking. As we do recognize this and even possibly share it with another with an interest to get back on track the vitalness of bringing our hearts to rest is essential. There is such a human tendency to do battle within oneself that is prompted from that antique foundation of lies and hatred. We may hate it when it seems someone is giving us the cold shoulder when in reality it is our own aberrant thinking that is making us feel separated. A return to true thinking does involve bringing our hearts to rest within ourselves or with the help of another. I also see the need to be kind to our heart and mind in releasing the tendency to reject and dismiss what we are experiencing by trying to push it away which only makes it go deeper. Feelings of dissociation should kindly be seen as promptings to return to our rightful thinking and loving participation with others.


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