love truth life 

Love is the sperm or seed by which all things are created. Love provides, among other things, an activating or signaling factor to that with which it fuses or fertilizes. All of creation is because of love. 

Love also provides what has been called in the biological sciences a “haploid paternal genome”. It carries in it a central will or intent. 

Love’s will does not always manifest in that which is created by love, that is, “life”. That with which love fuses plays a role in that which is created. If love fuses with truth, then pure, generative, meaningful life results.

Love’s purpose is oneness, but not sameness. Love’s offspring are infinitely varied. The possibilities are infinite. 

One thought on “love truth life 

  1. Good to look at our life experience. Is it generative and meaningful or is it characterized by disintegration and without charge? There may be areas where it may be one or the other or a combination of both. Your words indicating if love fuses with truth something wonderful can result. And if there is a feeling of something missing it is good to see what and where our love is being fused with. Love does look to naturally fuse with that which is true, anything not true that our love fuses with is unnatural. If so we will feel odd. Good to feel the uncomfortableness of this and make the change necessary for a natural and generative experience to be known. Obviously the first step is to recognize we are feeling off kilter and then to still ourselves in the direction of our highest reorientation back to what is true. As we patiently allow ourselves sometime for this stance to effect changes in our physical being will soon know again the natural and wonderful life experience of love fusing with the truth of ourselves.


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