Horror vacui

I once heard it said that nature abhors a vacuum cleaner, and after owning a dog that went into high panic mode the first time the groomer tried to vacuum the excess hair from his coat I would be inclined to agree with the statement. It is also clear that man abhors a vacuum, that is, that people are generally uncomfortable when there are nothing but blank spaces and question marks ahead of them. 

One responsibility a leader has to those he leads is to paint a picture of what lies ahead based on the best available information. He may not predict exactly what is coming or how things might turn out, but the events of the future do tend to cast their shadows on the present moment and getting good at interpolating from those outlines to distinct possibilities is an important skill if you are to lead effectively. 

Remaining silent on the matter of the future as a leader does not remain an option for long. There are leaders for a reason. Organizational structures serve a specific purpose. People depend upon leadership – for better if for worse – and in the absence of that leadership organizations stagnate, dissipate, or scatter. Suffice it to say that true leaders put vacuums to good use.  

One thought on “Horror vacui

  1. Interesting consideration how a leader is to provide direction from what is present. A leader is to acknowledge and utilize what is at hand that can serve to make for increases of growth, order and wholeness. With this a future can collectively be seen as promising.


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