The Ass Carrying the Image

An ass once carried through the streets of a city a famous wooden Image, to be placed in one of its Temples. As he passed along, the crowd made lowly prostration before the Image. The Ass, thinking that they bowed their heads in token of respect for himself, bristled up with pride, gave himself airs, and refused to move another step. The driver, seeing him thus stop, laid his whip lustily about his shoulders and said, “O you perverse dull-head! it is not yet come to this, that men pay worship to an Ass.”

-They are not wise who give to themselves the credit due to others.

Insecure people often arrogate unto themselves credit that is due to others. They see a chance for personal gain and position themselves in way that they feel will cast them in a good light. Whether they do this to curry favor with those around them or to simply feel better about themselves, they will eventually feel the sting of the whip of circumstance, for they will have to prove themselves if the ruse is successful.


One thought on “Credit

  1. I enjoyed the prose and appreciated the message. Looking deeper as it relates to my experience I can feel the sting of the whip of laying claims for credit and approval either subtly or aggressively. As I feel that sting comes also a gentle touch to relax and a call to simply be the person I am, not the person I would claim to be. Thank you for your cleansing and up righting words.


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