Right with Yourself

My youngest son made an interesting observation when I put him to bed last night. He said, “You know there is nothing better than going to bed feeling that you were right with yourself all day.” He then went on to enumerate the many things he had handled well, and highlighted those which he handled well that normally get the better of him. 

Then he asked me if I felt right with myself and I had a similar feeling to his. It was a great day overall and “yes,” I answered, “I felt right with myself.” 

It’s wonderful to go to bed at night knowing that those who love you love you for who you are, and not for who they want you to be. It’s wonderful to consider the day and realize that you kept your integrity, refined your character, and helped others to be better people. Righteousness is gratifying. 

What will you need to do today to be able to rest your head on your pillow tonight and say, “That’s a great question, William. Yes, I was right with myself today”?

2 thoughts on “Right with Yourself

  1. Love the consideration. Thank you for sharing your tender meaningful story with us. Yes I agree there is nothing better than coming to the point of resting our head in the realization it has been a good day that we have been right with ourself. I find it helpful each night to take note what I have done well in line with my integrity as well as noticing also what is necessary regarding the refinement of my character for the next day. It is good to observe our successes and challenges as William noticed how he was successful in handling those things that get the better of him. May we all take note in continuing to refine of our character as well as extending the blessings to others that we are designed to provide just by being who we are and as we acknowledge others for you they are.


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