Some difficulties you face in life might seem insurmountable at first glance, but any problem can be broken down into its constituent parts with sufficient analysis and the right perspective. Like a sculptor, you must find a way to chip away at its facets to reveal the opportunity which lies within every opportunity.

The first challenge, of course, is getting the emotional reactions to the difficulty at hand in check. Just as they advise on flight safety videos, you are wise to put on your oxygen mask before helping others. Take a deep breath, meditate, seek the counsel of a trusted friend or advisor…do whatever is required to let your heart come to rest. Once your heart is untroubled, help those around you to do the same. Unchecked emotional reactions can make difficulties infinitely more challenging to resolve.

Next, apply what you know to the problem. Identify the “knowns” without worrying too much about what is not yet known. The unknown will unfold its secrets to you in time. Work carefully from the known to the unknown, much as you would feel your way around an unfamiliar room in the dark. In this manner, even that which you cannot fully see will eventually become “visible” to you.

The process of expanding the borders of the “known” is what we call learning. We are hard-wired to learn, so it is a natural process. That said, you have to apply yourself, with as little tension as possible, to learning. This may be an internal process involving no one but yourself, or it may come as a result of seeking the knowledge or wisdom of those within your reach. Relax, and you will learn.

If a particular aspect of a difficulty is preventing you from moving forward, break it down into even smaller pieces. Find the “knowns” within the smaller pieces and the points you “get” may then allow you to fill in the rest of the picture.

You were born to overcome difficulties, to bring order out of chaos. It is your nature.

2 thoughts on “Difficultly

  1. Carol

    This is great advice in facing any difficulty. Thank you Gregg for the reminder to let the heart come to rest and look for that which would open the situation up. I feel fortunate to have some amazing friends who always encourage the best from me. However, when times are tough, there is sometimes the tendency to lock down. Never a good idea!


  2. I appreciate this consideration very much. I especially took note of once our emotions are settled with a difficulty then it is just as vital to assist those closely with us to help their hearts come to rest. As we acknowledge those constituent parts we do know it does serve to find the WAY. When we feel the assurance of this we can assist others to feel the same. Every trial does contain a blessing to be known and shared.


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