“He who sees a need and waits to be asked for help is as unkind as if he had refused it.” ― Dante Alighieri

My youngest brother, Jonathan, would not be one to say much about his desire to help other people when he recognizes that they are in need, but having watched him over the years, he has certainly proven to have a caring heart and an inclination to be helpful, especially when not asked.

For example, he was leaving work recently during a rainstorm and he gave his umbrella to his coworker as they were leaving the cover of the office building. She protested, but he insisted, saying he was going to get wet anyway and that she might make better use of it. I’ve seen him do things like this over and over again, without being asked.

There doesn’t seem to be any delay between the recognition of a need and immediate action to fill it. He doesn’t weigh whether or not it will inconvenience him. He doesn’t worry about whether or not the offer will be rejected. He doesn’t waste any time considering what he might gain by doing it. He just perceives the need and then does what he can to assist.

That fundamental attitude of service has been a constant in his life and I would daresay it has been one of his numerous saving graces. I suppose we all have our shortcomings and our strengths, but if we fail to exercise our strengths, we lose them and join the queue for some future redemption.

This is one approach to living that anyone can take. There is really no barrier to entry other than being sufficiently outside of yourself that you perceive others’ needs and sufficiently industrious and creative to do something about them once recognized.

Give it a try!

One thought on “Help

  1. I appreciate your words. Recently I was in a crowded resturant and as a couple I noticed two individuals sitting alone at their individual tables beside our table which happened to have four chairs. I know what it feels like to sit alone in resturant when there is abundant amount of people around. The thought of inviting them to sit with us impressed my heart. Not sure if it was appropriate I did not invite them over. I take note of your brother’s example to extend a viable invitation of service in not worrying whether the offer will be rejected. Thank you for the encouragement to give more perceived avenues of service a try!


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