Happy not Nice

My youngest son made a comment while we were trick-or-treating the other night that has stuck with me ever since. We had just met a particularly jolly neighbor of ours, an older gentleman, who was clearly a happy person when William said: “Daddy, I would much rather be with a happy person even if they didn’t like me than a nice person.”

At first the comment didn’t make sense but when I thought about it for a few minutes, and looked at it through a child’s eyes, I really understood what he was saying. He would rather be with a genuinely happy person who didn’t much care for him than a nice person, that is, a person who was feigning happiness.

And I can see why. Happy people tend to be less judgmental than their “nicer” counterparts. Happy people tend to exude happiness, whether or not they are uncomfortable. Finally, happy people – sincerely happy people – tend to transcend the dourness of general culture and are thus much less affected by the ever-present tides of change.

Sincerity is a valuable commodity, isn’t it? With it, you really know where you stand. There is no pretense, no show, and you don’t have to constantly second-guess others’ intentions when they are simply being authentic.

3 thoughts on “Happy not Nice

  1. Rose

    Thank you Gregg for sharing such a refreshing moment from the reality of life. It immediately drew forth an ‘ah ha’ from that which I am so fortunate to experience everyday.

    Genuine Delight

    I gaze into the face – of a very familiar man
    Delight is in his eye
    His only showmanship – authenticity – never any lie

    I oft have thought of innocence, his majesty – purity of heart
    How blessed am I to know this one
    Steadfast, sure and smart

    That twinkle there amidst his eyes – I see it everyday
    The reflection of his inner soul – he loves me in all ways
    I wish to all such fortunes – both very large and small
    To meet a man, to love a man, in whom happiness always tolls

    Life brings forth this gift of joy
    The delight of which we truly are, does not know an end
    Happiness pours forth from the fire of Love within!


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