Daily Progress

Every day you have the opportunity to make progress. Whether you do or not is entirely up to you. Even in the most constrictive, troubling and dark circumstances you can find an opening for the radiant expression of your inner self.

So rather than obsess about the elements in your world which are stuck (because they are not yet ripe or because they are frustrated by factors beyond your control), look instead to identify and engage with those elements which are ready for action. Don’t overlook the possible because of a fixation on the impossible.

Do what you can, now. Move it forward, even if it is just a little. Every little bit counts.

2 thoughts on “Daily Progress

  1. May your words be received in a deeper way. Sometimes the offering of what is lovingly true is heard without any depth because of thinking I have heard that before. Such a thought is a signal to really take a moment to go to a greater depth of acknowledging its significance and application. Deepening grateful reception of the truth removes the impenetrable glaze of superficiality.


  2. Lady Leo

    I think the finest example of how to make progress in restrictive circumstances is our Creator. Mankind’s unwillingness has imprisoned him in Heaven and constricted his ability to create on Earth; but inspite of that his mercy, forgiveness and love are abundant and consistently available to us. His ability to find even the tiniest aperture to let his radiance shine through is a marvel. As with our Creator, our opportunity to unabashedly be a blessing for the sake of eternal progress is completely available in every moment of our lives if we choose to do it. Excellent point, thank you!


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