Some things are better not rushed. As much as you might want, need or wish for a certain thing to come about, it can be useful at times to tarry until the power is given to you to act.

I have seen over and over again in my life that the floodgates of achievement opened and closed according to timing that was more often than not beyond my immediate control. In light of this, I have found it useful to concentrate my energies on that which was ripe and ready for action in my world, rather than trying to move things that were not.

To do so requires a fastidiously maintained restraint. It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to rush things along to appease the discomfiture which accompanies longing, but wise is the man or woman who watches the cycles carefully to determine when to act and when to abide.

If you wait for the right timing in all that you undertake you will find yourself achieving a lot with minimal effort. Right timing is important because it relates to the alignment of the apertures through which the natural and powerful currents of life flow. Right timing also relates to the properly laid lines of force in relation to the accomplishment of any aim. Right timing gives you power that you do could not muster of your own self-will.

Remember! Expediency instead of integrity brings failure. Act if it is the right time act; tarry and be vigilant if it isn’t.

3 thoughts on “Tarry

  1. Something to consider tarrying in totality. We can be predominantly rightly patience and vigilant regarding our achievement related activities and acting in expediency for possibly just a moment can taint the eventual result. Tarrying and vigilance needs to be complete.


  2. David R

    The ability to abide, to tarry, to hold steady in vibrant fashion, to restrain when appropriate, and then to act swiftly, powerfully and fearlessly when the factors are in focus to do so effectively…this is the capacity that separates failure fro success. We are all always part of cycles of all kinds at various stages of ripeness. Inner stillness, serenity and balance creates the positioning for such action, and for such non-action.


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