A Beginner

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.” – Meister Eckhart

In the life of the individual, every day starts with the potential for two beginnings.

The first is the beginning given to him by virtue of the eternal laws of nature, or put otherwise, by virtue of the merciful nature of God. The true nature of life is dynamic, never static. It is always changing, ever-shifting to accommodate the expression of newness in each and very moment.

The second beginning is created in the heart and mind of the individual. He chooses in the dawn of every new cycle to either acknowledge and appreciate the newness made evident by the morning light as a beginner or to close his eyes to it as a so-called expert who has “seen it all.” The latter convinces himself that the new opportunity before him will turn out just as all the others have before. The former is willing to let the opportunity unfold without prejudice.

It is often said: “There is nothing new under the sun.” I beg to differ. In fact, I can say with absolute assurance that everything is new under the sun, if one’s heart and mind are are willing to greet the new day with the humility and decent boldness of a beginner.

3 thoughts on “A Beginner

  1. In humble thanks for the acknowledged gift of this day brings a realization that “there is no time to waste” in enjoying the sequential opportunities for exploration and discovery. Thank you for bringing to light new beginnings in each new day.


  2. David R

    So important! As you say, each day brings the essence of new beginning – a pattern of success accompanied by forgiveness – but for the typical person it isn’t even noticed. It is rejected through a combination of willfulness and ignorance, ensuring that the same old seeds will be sown and a sadly familiar set pf results will emerge. We should be more than happy to be beginners each and every day!


  3. Lady Leo

    As this is our approach to living, our lives become the bearer of the new dawn. We take our rightful place as a partner in the creation of making all things new. Well said, thank you.


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