The Ache for Home

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”– Maya Angelou

Home is fundamentally a place of being. It ought to be a place of comfort, safety and welcome, regardless of its geographic location. A city loft or a country cabin can equally be called home, depending on the quality of living therein. Likewise, it matters not if you live alone or with others. Any abode can be quickly transmuted into a home.

But don’t be fooled. A dwelling doesn’t become a home by default. The atmosphere of home is generated by virtue of a relaxed and reverent attitude in living. A home – free of fear, unperturbed by avarice – is not a function of interior design but of divine design, that is, of living in accordance with the natural, eternal laws of being.

Just as perfect love casts out all fear, perfect appreciation expunges all greed. In perfect love and constant thanksgiving both fear and greed are left outside of one’s heart and by consequence, one’s home.

There are very few places on earth where home has truly been established. You can either meet this fact with dismay or a renewed sense of challenge to overcome the inertia of the human state.

Which shall it be?

4 thoughts on “The Ache for Home

  1. isabelle

    I love the atmosphere of home and wherever I am – home, work, anywhere – I like to bring that with me. To me, a home should be filled with strength, graciousness, creativity, growth and righteousness. You don’t have to worry about heavy luggage as these qualities can go with you anywhere.


  2. As we embrace the challenge to establish a true home for ourselves it opens the way for the establishment of our collective home. Something that brings to remembrance our divine design love.


  3. Lady Leo

    What a beautiful description of home and our choice! It begins in our heart. When that is kept inviolate, our reverent attitude sets the tone for what is created; then a place of rest and constant renewal is ours.


  4. Carmen

    I had a very wise friend tell me one time to enter her home as if I were entering a church. Since I have been a catholic for a very long time, this idea entered my heart and soul in a very sacred way. What differences we could make within the walls of our own homes and the homes of others if this concept and way of being could be lived throughout our lifes. Would this not change the words and actions and thoughts of those that dwelled within, to know that God is there, fully present? Where the idea persists that God is in a church, temple, or mosque only, it is as if the poorer behaviors humans so often exhibit were never seen. If asking what home is, what answers would we be given? Where is your home? And what is your home? What defines that word for each of us? From where have we come and where are we going? And most importantly how are we living the in between?


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