The poet in us

There is a poet in us all
Who longs to see his heart in scrawl,
To pour his heart upon the page
Be it cheer and joy or rage.

The formless thoughts and tingling dreams
Clad in words and spun in strings,
Brighten like the morning sun
Or subdue like a pointed gun.

For what is love, if not shared
And of life, if never dared?

2 thoughts on “The poet in us

  1. Love this!!!! Something to recognize the barriers that arise relative to expressing really something of love’s value due to shame, fear, resentments, and even greed. Opening our eyes to see the barriers in perspective and consequently actively moving to express ourselves truly makes for increasing fulfillment. Press not and live not.


  2. Coco

    It’s always been a popular medium for sharing. I personally love it. Some might seem more accomplished then others, but for me, it always comes back to what they’re sharing. As a reader I try to choose based on which wolf I’m feeding! Nice post!


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