I came across a group of Italians while on a hike along a river recently and the experience left quite an impression. Italians, as you know, tend to live life enthusiastically. This group was no exception. I let them walk ahead of me, which may have been a mistake given the enthusiastic arm waving that accompanied just about every sentence and foretold of a slow but entertaining pace. At any rate, at a certain point the main body of the group moved ahead of a mother and her young son.

The boy was absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of the forest and the river which ran through it. He had an iPad and was stopping every five or six steps to take a photo while repeating “Questo è spettacolare!” [This is spectacular]. It was so sweet. His love for what he was seeing was palpable and contagious, at least to me.

His mother, on the other hand, didn’t really share the same level of appreciation for what he was seeing and experiencing. Every time he stopped she would urge him onward, saying that they were falling behind. She eventually resorted to tugging his sleeve when he would stop to snap another photo, despite his protestations: “Ma mamma, questo è spettacolare!”

After seeing this I had to ask myself, “Do I encourage the wonder in others around me?” Sometimes wonder can be spoiled by a poorly timed joke, teasing or even failing to take note of and then enfold, protect, or encourage the experience another might be having.

Wonder is in such short supply in the world today. We should nurture its expression wherever possible, be it in our own hearts and minds or in those of another. Watch your world carefully today for those rare moments of unspoiled wonder and do your best to give them sanctuary. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by it!

4 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. Ricardo B.

    It is true, that the sense of wonder gets trampled on via people’s loss of it. Wonder certainly seems so natural, for if you do relax your tensions and then start simply observing the world around you, things are indeed incredible.

    How must we, as adults, guard against the cynicisms of the world and protect the loss of optimism!? Nurture that sense of wonder wherever it has not been lost, and it shall not be lost within you. Once again, help others.


  2. Coco

    Being sensitive to what is happening in those around us requires us to stop thinking it’s all about us. It is an aspect of generosity and kindness that naturally occurs when we feel responsible for the shared atmosphere we’re present in. When our main concern is for positive creation to occur in ourselves, those we live and work with and between us, we look to support these moments of wonder and give them space to land. I think of them as apertures for abundance. This is such an important point for not just getting along in life but experiencing the robustness of it. Good post to start the day! Thank you.


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