The Sun

“The Sun” by Melville Madison Bigelow

Heart of the worlds! thy mighty pulses beat
Upon the furthest planet’s untrod shore;
They gild the surges of old seas that roar
Beyond man’s power to pierce their safe retreat.
Great Heart! and yet thy morning pulse-beams greet
The little rose a-tint with blushes o’er.
See! spreads his wings the youngling lark, to soar
Amid thy quickening radiance, vast but sweet.

Beat on, O Heart! on planet and on sea;
Beat on, though tuneless Silence fill thy course,—
E’en Silence fain would raise a note to thee,—
But paint the smiling flowers, and fill, O Source
Of gladsome life, the answering birds with glee,
While joy-bells in my soul ring merrily.

If ever there was a description of the nature of man’s responsibility on earth, it is contained in the melodic strains of this sonnet. The sun’s radiance provides a wonderful symbol for how man’s radiant expression of love ought to appear.

Love should never be withdrawn out of spite or any other caprice. Love should radiate without concern for specific results or recompense. Love should be allowed to radiate unconditionally. Unrequited love, therefore should be taken in stride and should in no case be cause for the restriction of its outward flow.

4 thoughts on “The Sun

  1. David R

    The free radiation of love, as you describe it here, connects one to the rhythms within rhythms of the world as a whole and its Source beyond. This is the great secret of coordinated effort, because the essence of integrated function rests in the present moment for all things. It is vital to be alert to he movement of things round about, and yet that alone is insufficient for truly artistic coordination and creative effect. To be attuned to the pulse at the very center of things – this is what allows for restoration of harmony, for re-integration with the pulsation of creation!


  2. Lady Leo

    The precedent for giving unconditional love and forgiving unrequited love surrounds us in the beauty, majesty and dignity in nature. Beautiful choice of poetry!


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