Have you ever noticed how significant changes tend to come in waves? It’s as if change is in the air and everyone’s breathing it so there is almost no choice but to participate in the buzz.

I’ve seen this happen at work (and just about every other sphere of my life for that matter) over and over again and I’ve actually come to appreciate when the changes start lapping on my shore, rather than resisting them or hoping against hope that nothing changes. During these times, the stars somehow align for changes to happen with the least amount of effort and in the shortest amount of time possible. So if there was ever a time to “go with the flow”, it is during these times!

It is important to note that the changes may or may not be planned or expected. I’ve often found that the most unexpected changes bring the greatest blessing, or at least clear the way for those to come. So I learned early on that getting worked up about changes I hadn’t anticipated was either a total waste of time, a total waste of an opportunity, or both. When changes come, it is always best to look for the advantage, rather than dwell on the loss. Change always brings opportunity.

6 thoughts on “Change

  1. Ernest

    Accepted graciously change usually equals growth, improvement and upgrading. It is when we refuse to get over our resistence and shock to change that we actually block what likely could be a beautiful and higher level of things. And yes, without change there can be no improvement. Perhaps the most significant changes that take place should always take place within ourselves. We must be careful to not fall into the trap of saying things such as “well, that is just the way that I am” or “well, we have always done it this way”.


  2. Carmen

    Everything is in a constant state of change, this is a universal Law. It is when humans use only the blind eyes to see that they do not understand. There is nothing static in the universe. It is only a question of what something is “becoming”. Change is only transformation, and always follows the path that has been created for it. To a large degree, we bring about the changes in our worlds, as if we were laying pebbles into a stream of water. Slowly adding more and more pebbles, until we look up and finally notice that the water is no longer flowing. Such is humanity.


  3. Steve

    The elation that comes when advantage is seen in the changes at hand brings the refreshing joy of something new. Welcoming the changes opens the way to be blended with the ascending movement of universal progress and expansion. Is there really anything worth holding on to that would interfere with our union with that?


  4. Maxine

    Yes, it is during times of change that we can allow a new freshness to appear. Change certainly does bring wonderful opportunities, it allows things to be different , maybe take a different flow, a different view, it creates wonderful opportunities that would not have otherwise been available.


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