Love and Imagination

I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the Heart’s affections and the truth of the Imagination.” – John Keats

I believe that the spirit of God is the spirit of love. God and love in this sense are synonymous. To the degree that the heart is pure, one sees God, that is, love, clearly. When love is seen clearly, magical, if not miraculous things begin to happen around oneself…not just once or twice, but on a regular basis.

An impure heart, however, is bound to misconstrue the presence and action of love. This distorted perception is the root of all evil in the world. Moreover, an impure heart leads to false imagination, to conclusions drawn on faulty premises. An impure heart constrains to an overall life experience marred by frustration and futility.

Why is it said that the truth sets men free? To begin with, truth clears the heart and mind of the impediments to the creative process which build up over time. Furthermore, truth liberates man from false ideas about himself, others and the world around him. Truth dispels myths, mystery, prejudice and misconceptions. Finally, truth opens the way for the clear and undistorted imagination of how life could be were it to take form through pure hearts rather than the mixture which is so common in the world today.

5 thoughts on “Love and Imagination

  1. Steve

    Yes, there is a way to see through the maze of world distortion into the vast vista of a world of love. Your words are a guide way and open us to the magic at hand!


  2. Joy

    Knowing the truth keeps one on blended knee for the sheer thankfulness of knowing. It inspires ardent vigilance and repentance and this in turn keeps the heart free, that it may increasingly see with greater clarity. What an outstanding consideration to start the day with. Thank you Gregg!


  3. Lady Leo

    It seems to me that purifying the heart is the first and foremost commission for each person on Earth today. To examine Keats’ quote I’d say the heart’s affection is consigned to whatever we are subject to and imagination, well that too springs from the quality of the heart…”GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” The heart and the imagination are tools the can be used for God’s purposes or continue to be hijacked by mankind to further it’s decent into chaos. I believe that is the crux of the present responsibility of each person is to acknowledge the mixture and then the un-mixing can begin with our consistent concern to be subject to the ever present impulses of Heaven. It becomes our most pressing personal concern.


  4. Isabelle

    I have found that it is essential to express love and understand the truth. Without both, there is balance, freedom, power and wisdom


  5. DeeDee Miller

    God’s love and the heart’s affections should be synonymous with each other but I would question the absolute certainty of this in the world the way it is today, even with a solid centering in God. I would question the same about accepting that what is going on in the imagination is always God’s truth. There is a need for constant discernment because of the mixture in the world and the bombardment of influences always coming on every level. Then one can truly move on the basis of what is the “higher good” (coming from God) for his or her life, not on good intentions or folly or any other mixture. How that works out in the details is neither here nor there because we love what we do and where we are because it is where we can affect the greatest accomplishment for God on earth. The “could” of the future flows out of this. It comes down to maintaining the sacredness of my own integrity with God. That is my true heart’s affection and I know no greater freedom for creativity in imagination and expression no matter where I am, whom I am with, or the details I am handling, and provides the framework for evaluating my priorities (daily and long term) to see where I may need to make adjustments in my actual time and resources or simply in my inclination. Thank you for the post today – food for meditation for sure! Have a great day!


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