When we love

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” – Paul Coelho, The Alchemist

If you’ve ever been in love, you probably realized quite quickly how powerful the spirit of love can be. This morning I ask myself, what is love?

Love prioritizes. Love melts away that which is inconsistent with its spirit and in so doing, love ushers in a fresh perspective on matters that would otherwise seem overwhelming.

Love inspirits. When love moves from within outward, it amplifies that which is consistent with its spirit. Love stirs to greatness because love is the supreme spirit and its character is majestic.

Love begets love.  The expression of love draws that which is consistent with its spirit to it. It highlights those qualities in others, while downplaying or repelling those which are not.

Let yourself fall in love with the spirit of love. The love you love is more than romantic love. It is greater than the love of a parent for his child. These point to love’s strength and intensity, but the spirit of love is much, much more.

I encourage you to spend the rest of your life getting to know love. What else could be more important?

3 thoughts on “When we love

  1. Dr Steven Ventola

    If there is a focus on that which is wrong it prevents the spirit of love from having a pathway for infusion and unification with our heart,mind, body and world. There is a hypnotic haze that clouds our vision making everything seem lifeless and meaningless. When our vision begins to be restored possibly from realizing the fallacy of such a condition either from an intensity of a crisis or just the simple awareness that life is a lot more than watching the world go around dictating to us what we are to feel and think and experience. When the fallacy of the conditioned human experience with it focus on what is wrong or lacking is seen for what it is and not it opens the door for the infusion of love. As the old saying goes as before I was blind now I see which does set us free to know the wonders and joys of love ever increasingly. It is always vital to keep the door open in this regard and recognize when we have shut it by our perspective. The experience of ever greater love really is always our choice.


  2. Lady Leo

    When the spirit of love fills our heart it creates a connection with the impulses of heaven. We become, in fact, an instrument for the Omnipotent so he can have access to human action on a Earth. All the types of love you’ve described, plus a myriad you could have, and ones we haven’t shared on Earth since we were expelled from the garden, are awaiting the hearts solely available and consciously dedicated to love. A single- minded loyalty to love is the first commission we all share; from there the refraction is as unique as snowflakes. This is a wonderfully practical mediation. Thank you for the starting points.


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