Your Influence

It is not the grandiose moves you make in life, but the inspirational nudges you give those around you that constitute the greater part of your influence over the course of your lifetime. In fact, you could say that your influence on others – for better of for worse – is a kind of immortality.

The vectors you establish in your living draw the line for others. They, being influenced by these lines of force, make choices that in turn establish the vectors in their living. We are, in this sense, wheels within wheels. That which you set in motion through the seemingly mundane decisions you make from day-to-day, lives on.

You may not live to identify every ripple of your influence in the world. Realizing this, it is easy to see that everyone is a person of consequence, no matter how insignificant he or she may feel. Be mindful of your influence; your influence matters!

5 thoughts on “Your Influence

  1. Dr Steven Ventola

    The direction and magnitude of our individual and collective influence is consequential. The world as it is today is a result. Having a sensing that our earth is to be transmuted into a radiant sun depends upon upon our individual and collective radiant living. This can only be based as it has been said from a pure heart followed with living actions that brighten our world. Your blog is a touchstone for our highest and most exquisite fulfillment.


  2. Ernest

    Often we talk and think about making a difference in the lives of others as that is something that each of us I know aspires to do. Likely we often think that this must be something on a really grand scale but my experience has shown me that in fact the biggest difference that we make to others is through the seemingly small, everyday things. Good or bad, they all add up don’t they! Therefore it is not ok to ignore the seemingly small things thinking that we can get away with something as long as we can accomplish something big or on a grand scale. Thank goodness it doesn’t work that way but instead our lives and their value are an accumulation of every thought and gesture. Knowing that I guess that we best allow for this moment in time to count!


  3. Isabelle

    It would be interesting to know the influence that you have had on others (whether positive or negative). Either way, the most important thing is to understand that you do have an influence and it is either leaves a creative or destructive wake. If your heart and motivations are pure, you will leave a legacy worth living.


  4. Lady Leo

    If we live our lives under the direction of our creator we don’t have to make distinctions about the value or worth of others, it will be according to his weights and measures. Our concern is to have our hearts and minds completely available to the impulses of Heaven. We then will create the immortal ripples that matter to him, that are as rhythmic and beneficial as the tides.


  5. Carmen

    We all need to realize that there is no such thing as a small thought that bears no consequence upon the world. Being that thoughts proceed actions, I have begun with the idea of my own thoughts as I write. Some thoughts are experienced more frequently than others, therefore the impact on the universe would naturally become larger. Do we love as often as we hate? Do we think of peace as often as anger? Does the desire to do good fill our thoughts? All thoughts must have the same repercussions as they create from themselves what they already are! That is your influence upon the world. Therefore let us be aware of every thought and know that it carries with it, it’s own child!


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