Pulsations of Wisdom

“Das Herz und nicht die Meinung ehrt den Mann—It is his heart, and not his opinion, that is an honour to a man.” – Schiller, James Wood, Dictionary of Quotations, 1899

A tranquil heart sets the stage for the cultivation and maintenance of a sharp and agile mind. The state of your heart, therefore, is of chief importance if you are concerned to live a meaningful and impactful life.

You can have all the degrees in the world, but encyclopedic knowledge is useless if the heart is not sufficiently at rest to divine the pulsations of wisdom which surge forth from above and within. Dishonor is the natural result of a mind – be it weak and impressionable or forceful and cunning – goaded into frenzied action by a troubled heart.

5 thoughts on “Pulsations of Wisdom

  1. Isabelle

    If the heart is always in a state of turbulence, we will never know peace or be able to bring peace into the world. If we really want to make a difference in the world, the state of our heart would be our #1 concern.


  2. Joy

    How true Gregg that education doesn’t equate to wisdom, wisdom encompasses so much more, it can perceive the invisible currents and see beyond limited visible evidence. It is patient, kind and gracious. It endures and does not forfit the temporal for the eternal. Wonderful post, thank you.


  3. Dr Steven Ventola

    Inside your words is refreshment. This is the time of year especially when old things need to go for space to be made for the new. A heart cluttered with dislikes, regrets, worries and unreal desires disconnects us from experiencing the refreshing waters that are constantly flowing through the living world WHICH INCLUDES US. Cynicism results tearing at everything in sight. Our experience really is our choice as we choose to look upward and honor the great core of our being in the expression of our living.


  4. DeeDee

    I love your point here. The heart needs to be at rest with God to ultimately let that which is of God to work through it. I am even more keen to provide this point for my children, for example, when turbulence ultimately comes at various points for them in their process of maturation. I want to be helpful, inspiring and reassuring as they try to make sense of the world and come to know their own responsibility to let their heart ultimately be at rest in what is true and right regardless of the feelings swirling around in the moment. Every triangle needs that third point of stability. We can’t do it without God and we can’t do it without each other. So I appreciate the purpose of your blog! Have a great weekend!


  5. Lady Leo

    I believe this to be the absolute truth. An untroubled heart is available for entrainment with the truth, which in turn makes it unavailable for entrainment with evil. If it appears to simple it’s because it is. This also will provide the wisdom necessary to navigate the world in its current state. Thank you for this post. I love to consider this subject; it is the basis for a successful and meaning filled living.


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