Expressive Silence

You know
There are moments when silence, prolong’d and unbroken,
More expressive may be than all words ever spoken,
It is when the heart has an instinct of what
In the heart of another is passing.

Owen Meredith (Lord Lytton)—Lucile. Pt. II. Canto I. St. 20.

How often do you quiet yourself in conversation to better look upon the heart of another? Your heart is better able to take impressions of the world around it when it is at rest. When the waters of your heart are disturbed, the feeling patterns you receive become distorted on their way inward. These distortions are the basis of all feeling misperception.

5 thoughts on “Expressive Silence

  1. Steve V

    I appreciate the depth of feeling your words convey. During a recent hospital stay I had such an experience with a nurse that epitomized the expressive silence of understanding and compassion that touched a very deep place of healing in myself. The moment shared did not have any words and has served as a transition point for confidence. It’s impact has firmly rooted an ever growing appreciation and love for that which has been given to me through silence and how I can convey that into my world.


  2. Isabelle

    Being more of a quiet person, I end up listening much more than I speak. I often wonder how sometimes a conversation can be so one-sided and the other person doesn’t even notice. However, it does give me a great opportunity to observe and learn. To look upon the heart of another with accuracy, it requires that my heart be still, without guile and at peace.


  3. Coco

    Silence is useful on many occasions. An undisturbed heart is always the most valuable asset we have. The nature of the heart seeks to entrain and in silence it’s easier to make sure it is our higher nature it is synchronizing with.


  4. April

    This is not the exactly what you are referring to but a few days ago I was with someone and I so much wanted to just be in silence as it just felt like that was what was needed yet this person just kept talking and talking and filling the space. Later I was thinking about this and I realized I have the same habit when with others. So I have been making myself aware of this making an attempt to allow silence where I can. It does make a difference if we can just quiet our mind and our mouths to allow this sacred space when with others, it is quite an experience if we can allow it.

    Your comments here have allowed me to see this in a different light, I also really need to silence my own heart so I can really listen to the other person, as this too will make a difference in how I hear and perceive what is being said. Thank you!


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