Improve the Present

“Look not mournfully into the past,—it comes not back again; wisely improve the present,—it is thine; go forth to meet the shadowy future without fear and with a manly heart.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

While events of the future cast their shadows on the present moment, the future remains largely unknown. The unknown can be prepared for, but it is ultimately uncontrollable. That said, improving the present, or put otherwise, making the very best and fullest use of that which comes your way each and every moment, is the best way to prepare yourself and your world for the unknown which lies ahead.

7 thoughts on “Improve the Present

  1. Steve V

    Fully embracing our moments of life with attitudes congruent with the nature of life itself (thankfulness, ingenuity, springtime newness, joy) allows for an experience that is fulfilling moment by moment. When not in such a step life has a way of calling us back to stay in the flow as we are humble to the glory that is looking to come through each of us. I feel enthused to know how we all can so light up this world.


  2. David R

    It is probably just as well that the future remains largely veiled – it is too easy seemingly to live in imagination. What we can be certain of is that we are constantly planting seeds, establishing patterns that will affect the future for good or ill. Having vision and living on a visionary basis involves a perspective on past, present and future that appreciates each for what it is, living to the full as perspective is maintained.


  3. Troy

    What wonderful words! There are so many bits of wisdom that have been laid for us by those before us who took the time to think deeply . Your efforts Gregg will be also a light unto the ages. Even when we are having to work with the present harvest of past decisions or choices, good or bad, we still have the opportunity with each new day to remain alert and conscious to sow new and wonderful seeds in the present. Doing this will allow the future to come into place as is designed and to be joyfully received because we are confident through clear hearts that what is to come is based on divine design. In this the fear of the future is replaced with hope and optimism. Thanks for the continual wake up call.


  4. Ernest

    Once I learned to appreciate, respect and enjoy the present moment things in my world changed for the better, in particular, interestingly enough, the future. Without a doubt we are laying the groundwork for our future with how we handle and respect what we have in the present moment.


  5. Coco

    I love Emerson! It takes deliberateness of heart to stay in the present. I remind myself each morning to give this day my full attention. The past was whatever it was. If it was glorious it’s usually because I filled the moments with all I had. If it was disappointing I usually learned some valuable lessons to improve the now. I don’t believe the future is fixed. I do ascribe to the belief that what I do now affects very directly what is being created for the future. Obviously there is more then ourselves that is forming what’s to come but doing our utmost may be the tipping point.


  6. Carrie

    I heard gentleman from India the other day on the radio and he was discussing how they live in India more in the moment, they move with the flow and how we tend to always be striving for something and when we get there we are then striving for the next step and we have not enjoyed where we are, where we were or the process. So often we are busy rushing here and there, we don’t enjoy the moment and where we are as we move forward, not that we don’t have dreams or make plans for the future, but we have to enjoy where we are now and what is before us also. I have been making myself more aware of this the last few days and it really does make a wonderful difference in the day and the interactions with others as I move through the day.


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