Fundamental Preferences

“Men are apt to prefer a prosperous error before an afflicted truth.” – Jeremy Taylor

The world is filled with the by-products of prosperous errors, in fact, it may appear on occasion to turn on them. The momentary success of prosperous errors creates the misleading appearance of a sustainable alternative to a life lived according to truth, but the shame, guilt, fear, or pride which attends such errors turns what would be fulfilling eternal progress into a wretched treadmill.

Prosperous errors are committed every day: telling white lies, cutting in line, selling someone something they don’t need, laughing at the expense of another, turning on a friend to profit from an enemy, joining an enemy to exact revenge upon a former friend, cheating on a test, etc. The list goes on and on.

But he who would live a sustainably successful life, a life worth living, knows that expediency instead of integrity always brings failure. Integrity is the product of a life lived according to truth and whether truth is sweet in the mouth or bitter in the belly is of little import to a man whose fundamental preferences are clear.


8 thoughts on “Fundamental Preferences

  1. Joy

    The majority of people thinks it’s fine to be just a little dishonest, but such dishonesty erodes ones true character and leaves a gnawing sense of disease, which ultimately leads to a physical disease. Coco’s point is well taken, we never do get away with anything, and how we act when there is a reaping sets the stage for the future. The choice is always ours, we can choose the wide road that many have taken before us, or the lessor traveled one that you daily invite us to travel. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to live righteously.


  2. Isabelle

    When you live a life of integrity, truly dedicated and passionate to the truth of love, then every decision can be based out of selflessness. This eliminates guilt, fear, regret resulting in a life of peace, regardless of the storms that may be round about.


  3. David R

    Cutting corners, bending the truth (is that really possible?), assuming that the end justifies the means…these temptations, when heeded, destroy the fabric of life, sacrificing the potential of the future for the vagaries of the present. It is so vital to develop the habit of acting with integrity. Otherwise, ‘disintegrity’ leads to its inevitable end.


  4. Troy

    Bringing these little “errors” to light is indeed uncovering the factors within us all that lead to the fall in the first place. It is perpetuated daily through these insidious patterns of deceit and willfulness. It hits me particularly hard, as it is so easy to reason away the disobedience and the lack of integrity until one finds themselves completely off the path that in their hearts they deliberately chose to walk. Integrity is key and obedience to the truth, without judgement as to what the truth should look like. It is in this understanding that I and anyone else who has lost their way time and again may make the correction to return to their rightful place. There is always a harvest indeed but when the seeds of truth begin to be planted continually then they will overtake the tares. Thanks Gregg.


    1. Steve V

      I appreciate your heartfelt comment. To take a stance of obedience to the truth makes for clarity and stature. Here we do make a positive statement to our world.


  5. Coco

    The fact is we get away with nothing. Every transgression, even in our thoughts and feelings, sets something in motion. Forgiveness is always available but it doesn’t change the fact of what we have planted; there is always a harvest. If it feels like fear, so be it. To me it’s understanding how we are created to function and it’s prudent to comply, until it becomes our joy to.


  6. Carmen

    Thank you for reminding us today that our soul’s journey is a long one, and it is the steady correct living of our time on earth that will fulfill the true purpose of the life. It is so easy to see what others do, and be tempted to follow their ways, because to the human race it seems most immediately beneficial. But the eyes see only the material covering of things here, and rarely do we seek the morality within ourselves that hold the light of truth.


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