Peak Performers

“Peak performers see the ability to manage change as a necessity in fulfilling their missions.” – Charles A. Garfield

To my mind the most beautiful of life’s many qualities is its constant motion. This is as true in Nature as it is in the world man builds for himself; in both, change is constant.

Your mission, whatever it may be, requires that you manage this change. If you don’t you’ll be managed by it. By this I do not imply that you must strain to control everything around you. Only the contrary, what is required is a greater relaxation, deeper trust and softer touch in the living of life.

Life truly does belong to the living.

5 thoughts on “Peak Performers

  1. Isabelle

    When you think of the joys of nature, it is that constant movement – the changing of the seasons, the wind, the sand under the oceans wave, etc. It just makes sens that this movement would be imperative to our own lives as well!


  2. Ernest

    When one does start relaxing and trusting in change they I am certain will find the change to be done with ease, enjoyment and effectiveness. It is only when we resist change that it seems difficult. And let’s face it, without change there is no opportunity for improvement.


    1. Steve V

      It is good to further acknowledge that resistance to change really is futile. Our fulfillment really does rest in how we master change.


  3. Coco

    Change is a constant. Sometimes it feels like an evolution of progress and other times just rolling with the punches. Learning to maintain balance is much easier when you stop thinking change is the enemy; it’s eternal. Not having to weigh each change to see if you’ll like it or not and not having to have an opinion about every one begins the habit of relaxing. It’s not a habit that is modeled very often but it does assist in having a more even keel in life.


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