Love does not entreat; or demand. Love must have the strength to become certain within itself. Then it ceases merely to be attracted and begins to attract. – Herman Hesse, Demian. Trans. Stanley Appelbaum. Dover Publications. 2000.

Man sits at the apex of creation not because of his strength, adaptability or intelligence, but because of his capacity for carrying the spirit of love into expression. His greatest privilege, which incidentally is the flip side of his greatest responsibility, is to transform the invisible currents of love into visible, meaningful life expression, by way of the truth.

Without durable virtue, however, his relationship with love will be little more than that of a child playing with fire. He will be drawn to it, but will have no means of interacting with it in a safe or generative way. Is this not the experience of humanity? Love must manifest according to the design of truth ﹣ to the principles, purposes and designs which assure the controlled revelation of the invisible currents of love into meaningful life expression.

Love without truth is incendiary; truth without love is torpefying. Life ﹣ fulfilling, enriching and lusty life ﹣ flourishes in the balance.


7 thoughts on “Love

  1. Joshua

    This was illustrated to me before, by being asked….”would you build a fire in the middle of your living room? No… First you would build the fireplace, ensuring that the fire would not burn down your house.” This same application relates to the need for Truth (the fireplace) to be established first, thereby containing the fire, and actually.. just now.. I realized this would also bring about the pressure necessary within that container, to over come anything! Adherence to and application of ; Truth, would establish the pressure cooker container that the fire of Love might be safe and sound within us. And available for meaningful release when necessary.

    Realizing this, and thus letting our house of being, be built on the stability of durable virtue, moment by moment, at each and every turn, brings fulfillment and purpose itself. This the greatest privilege, of living, when thoroughly realized, and put into action.
    The Magic of Life!
    Thank-you for this.


  2. Steve V

    I appreciate your words regarding the controlled revelation of the invisible currents of love into meaningful life expression. Without this controlled revelation there is destruction and disintegration. It is good to acknowledge this and to live by it for constructive and integrative flourishing living to be known.


    1. Steve V

      Another compelling thought to share regards how you have articulated the answer for man’s search for meaning. Your words answer the question “why am I here.”


  3. Beth C

    Well said. I enjoyed particularly your phrase ” durable virtue”. Though often reserved for special occasions, virtue is actually suitable for everyday use!


  4. Lady Leo

    What a clear and succinct explanation of this essential element to living a meaningful life. Thanks so much! Understanding the principles that give love the means to create through us seems the very basis for education. At the same time developing the character to stay on course and honest to live within the principles you do understand opens the communication with our higher nature to learn more. There is no how to guide but there are enough starting points already clearly articulated, such as this post, to set anyone on a life course of upward and onward.


  5. Troy

    What a beautiful and very precise explanation of mans purpose and the principles that govern our existence. I so appreciate your ability to translate these things as well as your amazing use of the English language . I’m not only growing as a person but my vocabulary is also expanding. So appreciate your passion for expression!


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