Perpetual Becoming

“They both listened silently to the water, which to them was not just water, but the voice of life, the voice of Being, the voice of perpetual Becoming.” – Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha.

How freely would you say does the voice of your Being speak through you? Are your heart and mind attuned to it? Or are you preoccupied with the awful din of a world gone mad?

If you so live that a part of you, even if it is hidden from the world around you, is untroubled and listening, you will begin to hear this voice. The stormy seas around you will become glassy from the inside out, and slowly, but surely, that sea of glass will become mingled with the fire of perpetual Becoming.

6 thoughts on “Perpetual Becoming

  1. Isabelle

    This should be one of the most important questions that we ask ourselves, for if we do not, then we are most likely mesmerized by the cacophonous sound of a world spiraling.


  2. Steve V

    Something new I am realizing after considering your words regards passion. It seems there has been an encouragement to find your passion if you are really going to be successful. Your words point to a reality that as our hearts provide that sea of glass the fire or the passion that is at the core of our beings can naturally be received without trying to go about to find it. This does take the angst out of trying to make something of our lives.


  3. Troy

    Here is a wonderful example of the connection that occurs within if we are “still” enough and the waters of our heart are untroubled. “A sea of glass , crystal clear”, provides a wonderful reflection of the one within. Peace on Earth defined and as stated so beautifully above, nearer than breathing and closer than hands and feet. This indeed clarifies the masters words, ” the kingdom of heaven is at hand”.


  4. Joy

    Your blog to me Gregg helps keep me attuned to the “voice of life”. However I know that it is only as I allow the voice of my being to speak through me in an ever increasing way that I will come to know the wonder of the sea of glass mingled with fire. Thank you for your perpetual blessing in this regard Gregg.


  5. Lady Leo

    This is my most ardent desire. I’ve realized that the necessary requirement was to dwell where this communication was freely available. The atmosphere required is not so much hidden from people but it can’t occur at the vibratory level that most dwell. We are rather like a tuning fork and to commune with our Being we must be on the same wavelength. The change has to come in the heart and mind; and give ourselves the space to hear. This is truly the leadership and friendship that most people spend their lives searching for. …nearer than breathing and closer than hands and feet.


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