A Constant Friend

Love is not fickle, but are you? Men treat men the way they do, with all their wars and rumors of wars, because of the way they handle their friendship with the spirit of love. Were a man to be a constant friend to the spirit of love, he would quickly discover that love is ever-faithful, utterly trustworthy and inexhaustible. Moreover, he will eventually see that he is an aspect of love, not something in need of it.

9 thoughts on “A Constant Friend

  1. Colin

    It is quite a change in orientation to realize that you are a part of love, and not in need of it. It springs from you, and you do not need to be an absorber of it. Love is not zero-sum. This must be internalized before you can truly radiate the spirit of love in your daily life.


  2. David R

    Love and constancy are one and the same. We are made to be true to the constant essence of love, and when we are our lives shine with the infinite qualities of love. What others do, whether or not they can receive or understand, we are only ourselves when we are utterly true to the nature of love. We need not evaluate or judge others as to how they receive, for they do that themselves. The greatest peace comes in knowing that we are what we are!


  3. Joy

    What a great realization it is to know that love is not something we need to get, but is always available to us, and that I to can be ever-faithful, utterly trustworthy and inexhaustible. Just the thought of that brings rest to the soul.


  4. Steve V

    The words “as before I was blind now I see” come to mind. The Spirit of Love has always been a constant eternal friend to me and really to everyone. As I turn to realize this there is a sense of horror of having turned my back on this constantly giving spirit. For it is what animates all the living world. As this large awareness descends on my mind it also reminds me of the prodigal son returning home. This awareness is opening up a flood gate of how much I have been given and am being given from the constancy of this Spirit. All I can say is Alleluia!!!


  5. Beth C

    Love cannot be divided from itself. Constancy, faithfulness, and trustworthiness are intrinsic parts of love. Without these, we do not know love no matter what we think.


  6. Isabelle

    This is a good question. If our love changes like the wind, then that’s not true love. True love is constant, dependable, strong and flexible. If we’re one of those people who are up one day and down the next based on how we feel that day, we’re not understanding that we have a constant friend.


  7. Carrie

    Reading this post after yesterdays post, I immediately thought to myself, “I need to be my own best friend, as it is a constant I can not live without.” If I don’t treat myself with respect and love the form and being that I am, having self compassion discussed yesterday, then I really can not be more to others. I don’t mean this in a self centered way because my true love is to assist and be there for others in my life, but if I have that true friendship with myself I can and will be there for others. Thanks!


  8. Lady Leo

    This vantage does indeed change all. Actualizing it in my life proves it out and makes it easier for those I interact with to do it also. If there is to be peace on earth it does begin with the state of the individual’s heart. I guess this would answer the question of what can one person do.


  9. Troy

    This is the relationship we all long for, yet in our constant state of trying to “get”, running to and fro, we fail to realize love is and always has been available to us, through us. Love has earned our trust and friendship, it is man who has been untrustworthy. It is time we allow ourselves to rightfully be called ” friend” and allow that friendship to be revealed. The reunion of long lost friends could possibly change our world. Can I be a constant and trustworthy friend? Yes! Thanks Gregg!


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