11 thoughts on “Good End

  1. Joshua

    When true to the Truth, no rationalization is ever needed, nor considered.
    When true to the Truth, we are above all temptation.
    When true to the Truth, we are Free.


  2. Troy

    Can you imagine the world we would have if this statement were taken to heart by everyone on Earth? The time of reasoning away evil should be over, it’s toll on our hearts and in the world is undeniable. Such a simple statement that carries huge implications. I will measure back my thoughts regularly to this simple truth.


  3. Carol

    That one line says it all. I’ve never found it satisfying to apply evil means – criticism, blame, getting back out, gossip, etc. Life is so much richer when you utilize the qualities of an understanding heart, kindness, love and strength. It’s not a picnic living on earth at this point in time. Technological development is greater than spiritual development. Actions are not backed up with wisdom and much of what occurs is the result of hearts and minds set on evil intent. It takes vigilance with oneself to keep your purpose always at the fore and not indulge in evil. Your daily posts always point to taking the high road and that’s the road I want to be on!


  4. Ernest

    I totally agree and have noted this principle in all walks of life. Cheating, short cuts, focus on getting rather than providing and giving, as examples, have all proven to be unstainable in business yet it never ceases to amaze me how some try to get ahead by cheating or by focusing on beating rather than on providing value.


  5. Isabelle

    This brief sentence sums one of the largest problems that we have in the world. You can see the result of this in almost every field. For example, politics (where the imagined good end is continually used to rationalize means that are less than pure), education, science, etc. The question is, will we ever allow that to happen ourselves, in areas that we can effect? If we live and act with righteousness, than we won’t have to worry about justifying evil means.


  6. Lady Leo

    This basic principle should be foundational to every person’s childhood education. It is imperative to understand that this is non negotiable and crucial for building a personal moral compass. While forgiveness is always available, it does not completely mitigate the results, as the seeds have been sown.


  7. Carmen

    Has this very thinking not continuously lead to the down fall of man! Rationalizing his actions within his own mind, and the minds of his brothers. That true evil might wear the cloak of righteousness!


  8. Colin

    If you do this you taint your progeny, however secretly, with a flaw that one day someone will eventually have to pay for. The spirit behind the thing is even more important than the thing itself.


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