The constant drive pattern so popular in Western culture today is now in overdrive. The obsession for innovation and forward movement is nearly universal. Our future depends on it, we’re told, but does it?

While I cannot speak for everyone on this topic, I know in my own experience that failing to occasionally slow down, take time to observe, enjoy and reflect invariably end up creating an imbalance that is only typically rectified by illness of one type of another. The illness, I suppose, is my body’s way of telling my mind: “She’s cannae take anymore. She’s gonna blow, Captain.” I have a particularly high tolerance for stress and pressure, so it takes a fair bit to knock me off my game, but I’ve learned over time that it’s not wise to test that limit too often.

In all things, balance.


5 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Carol

    I’ve also thought about this topic a lot lately. The tendency to go into overdrive has cropped up in my own experience from time to time. It can signal that it’s time to hand something off or step back as you said. To plow through can be damaging. Someone mentioned to me today that the coach of the Seattle Seahawks encourages the team to meditate. A number do and have found that their endurance increased from taking a short period of time to breathe properly a few times a week and let the mind come to rest. They’ve found it positively affected their attitude and approach and they were more mindful of their actions. The body is so amazing. A few minutes of stillness can go a long way!


  2. David R

    It really is all about rhythm, isn’t it? Sometimes, even within a “drive” sequence, there can be little pockets of opportunity to relax, slow down, take a moment –and those times can be so refreshing! On the other hand, tensions can build up subconsciously so that it seems impossible to relax even when there is no external driver. If we lose the rhythm, we start to work against the tides, and that is exhausting.


  3. Steve V

    There is a book I have been reading called “The Slow Down Diet”that magnifies your words. It has a lot to do with the awareness of how we eat relative to relaxation, gratitude and enjoyment that sets the stage for proper metabolism and health. It emphasis how the overdrive pattern has caused many aberant eating patterns leading to many digestive complaints and loss of really productive living. It is good to consider aspects of our life rhythms that can bring an enjoyable experience of living or a tired and draining one.


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