By a Pebble

When a pebble is thrown into a lake, everything, down to the furthermost depths, moves with it. And if, afterwards, everything seems as it was, the level of the lake has none the less been raised by imperceptible, incalculable degree. The old order has been overthrown – by a pebble.” – Théophile Thoré

Your words and actions, no matter how seemingly insignificant, change the course of history. Each one either clarifies the sea of glass which connects us or distorts it.

Choose your words and actions wisely; their influence long outlasts the initial splash and subsequent ripples.

3 thoughts on “By a Pebble

  1. Carmen

    This I believe is something that we all have a tendency to forget, and totally misunderstand about Life. It is not at all the great but infrequent doings of humans that make a difference in the wonderful shifts within humanity. But the daily, tiny unnoticed ones. These occur day after day, moving us and the world around us into a particular direction, unaware we are constantly rearranging all of Life. With this realization comes the acknowledgement of the tremendous value of all actions and all thoughts. None are meaningless, or go unnoticed in the great process of experiencing and creating existence.


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