The Master Mind

The master mind is the mind that says “Behold, I create” regardless of  the nature of the circumstances one faces or the resources one has available. The master mind never resorts to the taking of offense as a means of dealing with injustice or correction. The master mind is not made by man, but born through him whenever his heart is mastered by love.

3 thoughts on “The Master Mind

  1. David R

    As a servant to the commandments of love, the mind becomes sensitive and capable, guided by wisdom and shining brightly to bring reason, direction and illumination to the chaotic elements of the world where we dwell. When it tries to dominate, on the other hand, it loses that sensitivity and becomes either an oaf or a thug. Your description in this post makes for a rather obvious choice if we truly wish to experience mastery!


  2. Joy

    It is wonderful to know that every situation or circumstances regardless of how large or small carries the opportunity for creation. I loved your reference to been mastered by love Gregg, for their is no other means from wence creation springs. Such a good thing to remember within the course of a day.


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