A Clean Heart

I believe that one of the best things you can teach a child is how to end the day with a clean heart. To do so gives them the best chance at a good night’s sleep and the opportunity to greet each new day unburdened by past grievances.

It is incumbent upon parents or caregivers to generate an atmosphere in which the child feels unconditionally loved, yet bound by truth. Within that atmosphere, the child will eventually feel safe to purify the day by acknowledging the day’s transgressions openly, humbly and without posturing. Forgiveness can be freely offered by parents when such an attitude is taken. From there is it easier for the child to forgive others who have trespassed, deliberately or unintentionally, against him.

Forgiveness, when received and issued, sanctifies that which has been violated in the course of the day. The entire pattern may not work out immediately, but forgiveness sets the stage for the healing and unification of that which has become disjointed and disquieting.

6 thoughts on “A Clean Heart

  1. Reyes chavez

    Forgiveness is my reset button.when I’m out sorts loose my way unforgivness is usually at the root.Weather its forgiving myself or others forgiveness resets my heart!


  2. Carol

    I so appreciate your current posts Gregg. The new year signifies a renewing of spirit. Sanctifying is a wonderful process and so good if one gets in that habit early on in their life. But even if you’re late to start, the quality of your days can change dramatically. We all have something to provide no matter what age we are. It really is good to free the consciousness of any lurking clutter!


  3. David R

    Wonderfully put, and such an essential, for parents or for those who exercise any sort of responsibility over others for that matter. What is cultivated and set in the evening hours is a seedbed for what will emerge in the days of our lives. Careful removal of trash on a regular basis is so vital, making space for the essences of wisdom.


  4. Chuck Reddick

    Certainly a great characteristic for children to master early on but it is for adults also. I know from personal experience the power of both receiving and giving forgiveness, and it is true that among other benefits one sleeps much better at night.


  5. Steve V

    Thank you for your beautiful words and the spirit they convey. They bring my heart to rest. They are of great benefit for children as well as adults.


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