As we head into this New Year each one must ask himself, whether he is religious or not: “What will I worship?” What will prove to be the most attention-grabbing aspect of your world in 2014? Will it be that which you love, despise, desire, crave or perhaps that which antagonizes and annoys you most?

All things compete for your worship, your central attention. I’m sure modern day atheists and materialists would claim that they do not worship anything and that the idea of worship is antiquated, but in so doing they are revealing the very thing they zealously oppose: worshipping. Some worship science. Others worship anarchy, but it’s all worship!

It’s hard to tell at this point of the year if you will end up wealthier, thinner, happier, more fulfilled or any other of the million and one things people resolve to gain in any given new year, but one thing is sure, you will end up worshipping one thing or another.

What will it be?

3 thoughts on “Worship

  1. David R

    We cannot help but worship, as you clearly indicate here. And the centering of our worship will always reveal the seeds our future. There is only so much capacity for each one, but how that capacity is focused and dedicated determines literally everything else.

    It does simplify things if we recognize this!


  2. Steve V

    It is good to recognize where our central attention is being placed which could be observed by our perception of graceful rhythmic living or an up and down experience. As we live in such graceful living we are poised to offer the qualities of life’s blessing to those in our world. I appreciate this consideration as it brings a self enlightened awareness of how we create our living experience. To be uplifted in the wonderful integrative currents of reality or the spiraling downward compulsions of this world is our choice.


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