A Bum Rap

A competent horseman will tell you that most supposedly “sour” horses are deemed (and usually made) so by inexperienced, insensitive or uneducated riders. An experienced pilot will tell you that most airplanes deemed dangerous due to poor safety records are typically classified as such because of the pilots who flew them, not as a result of design flaws. A skillful driver will tell you that even the world’s most squirrelly race cars can be driven safely if handled properly. You get the point.

It is easy to pin our shortcomings and failures on things outside of us. When this happens, blame takes the place of assuming personal responsibility and the problem is not resolved, it is pushed off (typically to someone else). When such things are put off by enough people, reputations diverge belie true character and many a horse, plane and car has fallen victim to this particular brand of human injustice.

Before you give someone or something a bum rap, look first at your own inputs. Were they accurate? Did they meet the need? Were they made in a timely manner, with the right level of intensity and in the correct frequency? In short, were you communicating clearly?

5 thoughts on “A Bum Rap

  1. Zach

    No matter how refined we become, there is always need for improvement. The second that you stop feeling this way, even if you have been functioning perfectly, you will not be able to continue doing so. This is because perfection in life is a moving target, and resting on your laurels only ensures that you aren’t moving with it.


  2. Joshua

    So immediately applicable.
    Put’s an end to “I’m feeling this way because………” and out we look, completely missing the point, and the opportunity to accept responsibility in the moment and uplift the circumstance.
    Internal adjustments are where the leverage for change is.
    Not to mention, when successfully met, everything around oneself is affected, immensely.
    Eager to create within first, before destroying without cause.


  3. DeeDee Miller

    How true it is that not one thing is exempt from this potential to get a bum rap, from God all the way down to the smallest gadget being reviewed on Amazon.com. It really takes something to analyze beyond all the prejudices.


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