Mind over Body

I’ve heard a couple of interesting TED talks recently which point to the power of mind over body. The first revealed that simple changes in body position can shift the way people perceive you, but perhaps more significantly, they can effect immediate and dramatic changes in your body chemistry. The second talk points the the fact that the way we view our stress response can significantly influence the way the underlying biochemistry related to the stress response works out in our bodies.

Many conclusions could be drawn from these excellent presentations and the science which prompted them, but the one which intrigues me most at the moment is that we can live significantly healthier lives without spending another dollar on health care products and services and without spending another minute exercising. These discoveries do not obviate the need for such tools, but they do point to the fact that a few simple, free and low time investment changes in the way that we carry ourselves in the complex and interrelated world in which we all live can go a long way to improving our health and longevity.

You don’t need time or money to get cracking on this one!

3 thoughts on “Mind over Body

  1. Coco

    The fact that caring about others creates resilience should be no surprise. I also think while social media has its place it is no substitute for person to person interaction. Even all caps can’t replace our body language and a Hallmark card is nice but it will never replicate a visit. Let’s face it sometimes a person needs our time. Both of these presenters seemed to thoroughly enjoy giving their good news!


  2. Lady Leo

    Wonderful presentations! Thanks for sharing them. In the fifties they taught young ladies and gentlemen how to carry themselves to play their expected role; now we have more conscious choice of what role we play.


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