Souls and Rain Drops

Souls and Rain-Drops by Sidney Lanier

Light rain-drops fall and wrinkle the sea,
Then vanish, and die utterly.
One would not know that rain-drops fell
If the round sea-wrinkles did not tell.

So souls come down and wrinkle life
And vanish in the flesh-sea strife.
One might not know that souls had place
Were’t not for the wrinkles in life’s face.

If a man is driven by a desire to live life in such a way that he leaves notable “wrinkles” in “life’s face,” he will miss the point of life entirely. If we are motivated by the result, that is, by an expected outcome we hope to achieve in the course of living, then we are driven from the outside-in rather than the inside-out.

Most souls who “come down” and “wrinkle life” are trapped in bodies governed by strident hearts and minds which pay no attention to the soul’s desire. Mankind has perfected the art of pursuing selfish aims, justifying them with concepts about good and evil, creating moral codes and societal mores which further support their apparent validity, but of the things we hold dear – health, family, prosperity, peace, ingenuity, spirituality, etc. – which would you say in your quietest moments actually coincide with your soul’s desire?

The “wrinkles” we leave in “life’s face” are only meaningful to the degree that the action which produced them originates in your soul’s desire, that is, in your “Father [or Mother] which is in heaven” as it was once put. The rest is vanity.

3 thoughts on “Souls and Rain Drops

  1. None of those things coincide, within the depths of my souls concern.
    The same would apply to the pursuit of the Kingdom of Heaven and all its glorious beauty.
    Even God Him/Herself, cannot break his/her own laws.

    May the vain pursuit of moral excuses cease, and give rise to humble beginnings, seeking first the souls true desire, where one would be able to say, behold I make all things new!


  2. David R

    That which is real and relevant may create ripples in the present, but also powerful influences that reverberate into the future. Likewise, flailings based in unreal concern may create lots of agitation and foam for the moment, and yet such patterns vanish away so quickly. Much of this process of time-line interaction is unseen, but the comforting fact is that what is based in the real remains, while what is based on unreal motivations and concerns is ultimately nullified by its own nature.


  3. Coco

    If ever there was a daily prayer to our Creator this would be the one. To live my life in such a way that I was always providing the service I was created to, when I was sent down. Wonderful post, thank you!


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