Cool under Pressure

I’ve always admired people who keep their cool under pressure. This ability allows for graceful navigation of even the most intense circumstances. I’m sure you’ve also noticed that it also affords those who possess it a little more time to process, decide and act, which, in turn, makes them generally more effective in handling the stresses of daily living.

My admiration of such people has led me to pay more attention to them than to the drama queens who usually attract the most attention when the pressure is on and I’ve noticed that those who keep their cool under pressure have four things in common:

1. They take the long view and develop the habit of breaking up large processes and big problems into smaller, manageable steps, so they don’t tend to get overwhelmed when their more myopic peers do.

2. They are consistently grateful, so the inevitable disappointments, frustrations and unexpected challenges which come along don’t weigh as heavily on them as they do those who are chronically unappreciative.

3. They generously invest trust in those around them and constantly seek to cultivate an atmosphere of respect and encouragement, so they’re not as much under the necessity of watching their backs when the heat comes on.

4. They eschew complaint and always give solutions to the limitations they observe in themselves, others or the circumstances at hand, so they are never tricked into amplifying the problems.

6 thoughts on “Cool under Pressure

  1. Zach

    It is so helpful to be able to see a trait or a set of traits that bring up feelings of admiration, and break them down into usable lessons. It seems like the common thread here for one that keeps a cool head is that they are able to live their life earnestly. The truth is that getting riled and having a turbulent heart does more harm than good, and those that are cool under pressure know that.


  2. Chuck Reddick

    One of the most effective ways of dealing with pressure is to hold steady during those times when pressure seems to be building up. By holding steady one is able to be appreciative of this moment and opportunity to rise to the occasion. Eventually when the habit of holding steady is in place than one actually begins to enjoy the so-called pressure packed moments and opportunities for it is those very special moments that hold opportunities for personal growth and development. And haven’t we all discovered that the right handling of pressure is what often times gives birth to opportunities that would not be available if one did not hold steady.


  3. KlP

    The “drama” queen may get the most attention, but not necessarily the most respect. I too, appreciate those who don’t have huge extremes of emotion related to changes about the past, present, future, other people, situations, etc. Less drama means more time to work together to overcome any obstacles or to strategize about next steps.


  4. Coco

    A cool head usually belies a calm heart. If that is the case, I believe there is also what I call inspired assistance. That connection between the individual and the Omnipotent can carry the wisdom of the ages and the impulses of peace.


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