The Good That Lies Within

Look upon the world with eyes of the heart
And feast no more on the doctrine of ignorance.
The living death is a dank cage made by men,
Far from the fair vision of love tempered by truth,
Prepared by the One who lies within.
Restore sense to your senses,
Inhale the refreshing air of reason
Which cools the impetuous tyrant
Who usurps the soul’s command.
Exhale the wisdom of the ancients
Which pours through the portals of knowledge
And fills a clean and sober heart.
Rest no more in ignorance,
Not seeing what you should see.
Look upon the world with eyes of a heart
Disentangled from stupefying judgment,
Disenthralled from morbid fantasies.
Look upon the world with eyes of the heart;
See the good that lies within,
That good may prevail without.

4 thoughts on “The Good That Lies Within

  1. Beautiful! It is vital we make up our minds once and for all … Do we stand for good or do we stand for evil? There is power in that decision and the purification process begins to work out. Our response in every moment confirms that decision. I pray for honesty and wisdom as the truth begins to reveal through me!


  2. DeeDee Miller

    It is so true we have the means to bring the evidence of supreme good through what we let be the focus within our hearts. Your beautiful poem opens my eyes to that!


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