Being Yourself

In life you can either strive to become something as many have done through history, or you can do as those precious few sages who walked the earth did and stop trying to become so that you can begin being yourself.

Become something and at the end of life you’ll feel you’ve achieved something, perhaps more than others. Reveal who you are, however, and you will transform the world.

3 thoughts on “Being Yourself

  1. Zach

    I think the way you phrased this post points to the path that you need to take to become yourself. You didn’t actually say “become yourself”, you said “reveal yourself”. The action necessary is more one of sloughing and removal than it is achievement. That will come, but it will come because you are being yourself and not because you tacked on some achievement to the persona that you had built on top of who you really are.
    When any one person truly lets go and allows themselves to be revealed, they will absolutely change the world, because inside each one of us is a person so glorious that there could be no other outcome.


  2. David R

    Although it may sound reasonable or laudable on the surface, we can’t actually ‘try’ to do the most central things. Active letting is a skill not taught in schools typically, and yet it is the central skill for one who would live a life of meaning and value. Your posts point constantly to this vital matter, but it takes some depth of willingness and humility to learn to let!


  3. Lady Leo

    Being ourselves will most likely bring that unique touch into the mix that was ours to bring. Wonderful post! It’s another way of understanding how we each might fullfill our purpose.


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