What thwarts the experience of newness, of the constant renewal intrinsic to life? In the natural world, all things are being made new constantly, but human begins, who are according to some the ultimate product of natural selection and are to others the stewards of a benevolent God’s creation, seem to have a hard time accepting and moving gracefully with the creative force of renewal which are constantly at work in the world.

A few things come to mind. Prejudice. Assumptions. Habit. There are likely many more, but I’ve been amazed at how many circumstances which were in the verge of being made new within my field of responsibility have been stymied by these simple, yet highly disruptive forces.

When you look through a lens colored by prejudice, polarized by assumptions or fogged by habit it is easy to misread the subject before you, even if you are focusing intensely upon it. You will likely find what you were looking for and overlook the rest, not see what you were expecting to see and miss the rest or see it the way you always see it, rather than recognizing the emerging pattern of newness right before your eyes.

Life is about newness, change, renewal. For those of you who are biblically-inclined, there is a statement in the Book of Revelation which reads: “…Behold, I make all things new…” It doesn’t say, behold I make all things conform to my prejudices, assumptions and habits. Likewise, for those who lean more to the current scientific weltanschauung, it is clear that change is the very essence of evolution.

Miss this point – that life is about newness, change and renewal – and you will forever be paddling against the flow of life. See this point, however, and a whole new world will open up to you each and every moment of the rest of your time on earth.

6 thoughts on “Newness

  1. Joy

    The only way I can prevent history from repeating itself, is because I specifically refuse to go down those well worn paths of prejudice, assumption and habit.


  2. Ricardo B.

    To remain open -hearted and -minded in a world gone mad absent any sense of universal purpose, is the elixir of renewal. I say, let the new winds always come!


  3. Lady Leo

    I’ve had the experience of seeing something and forming an opinion about it, only to hear a child’s thoughts about it, then seeing a completely new take on it. It is the guileless, open heart that seems to give the mind the opportunity to see things from a new perspective.


  4. Carmen

    Why do humans resist changes?? Very good question. Yet if we are willing to see and recognize the constant changes around us that are being reflected so wonderfully in Nature our eyes might be opened. When we refuse to see the possible balance that comes within change, because of what you called prejudice, assumptions or habit, we force the future outcome of the possible changes to be restricted to what we believe them to only be able to create. Therefore our negative thoughts destroy and bind the fortuitous goodness that could exist within the change. May we all more clearly see ourselves and what we have allowed ourselves to become.


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