Informed Consent

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

In the course of life you will encounter those who love you, those who hate you and many more who will fall somewhere in the middle. Realizing this, it is easy to see that basing your sense of self on the opinions of others is likely to cause an erratic self-image.

The alternative, of course, is to come to terms with yourself – your capabilities, limitations and potentialities – so that you can respond to the approbation, criticisms and indifference with informed consent. A false self-schema, whether inflated or poor, can distort the way you view the opportunities and obstacles which lie before you, so it is important to take the time every now and then to refresh your understanding of who you are and what you are in earth to do.

The goal of education and of the maturing process in general is to bring body, mind and heart to the point where they can accommodate and magnify your inner self. Many confuse the lens for the light source on this point, which explains why so many people feel insecure despite their remarkable faculties. If your teachers, mentors and leaders guide you to the point where you understand that you are not what you have (your “human” parts, i.e. body, mind or heart) but who you are (the “being” animating your “human” capacities), you are much less likely to give your consent to that which is untrue.

A proper understanding of this simple point would quickly expunge any trace of self-righteousness. It would also empower those who feel victimized to see through and past the judgments, accusations and transgressions of those who seek to oppress them. This understanding is the great leveler, but ironically, it is also the means by which the uniqueness of each one can find expression without bias or distortion.

Take care that you consent only to truth of you and of those within your sphere of influence. To do so clears the way for a more accurate view of yourself and the world around you!

4 thoughts on “Informed Consent

  1. Joy

    I think the human heart devoid of purity feels deeply the chasm that exists between it and the light source, and consequently tries all kinds of shenanigans to bridge that gap. But when the heart is relaxed in an attitude of exquisite thankfulness, one begins to experience again that so longed for communion.


  2. Zach

    It is so important not to confuse the lens with the light source. The lens can be refined and reground, and the focal point can be changed. Yet we all have that within us which is perfect, and which can be perfectly magnified when the lens is in the proper condition and in the proper place.


  3. Kolya

    Self righteousness and feeling victimized are two sides of the same coin. What you have pointed out today is that we don’t have to deal in this currency – there is another option – and ultimately, it’s our choice whether or not we want to express that higher nature.


  4. Lady Leo

    Our greatest concern should be, are we measuring up to our creator’s expectations? Confusing the lens for the light source is an excellent way of describing the reason why so many condemn themselves to such a shallow existence. While a hierarchy of angels seems likely; on Earth , given the situation, a pure heart is perhaps the most precious and valuable asset to our creator. Purity of heart is the great separator, the distinguishing elevator; the proverbial sheep from goats.


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