Right Action

When you do anything from a clear judgment that it ought to be done, never shun the being seen to do it, even though the world should make a wrong supposition about it; for, if you don’t act right, shun the action itself; but, if you do, why are you afraid of those who censure you wrongly? – Epictetus

If fear of censure drives a man, be it the fear of not being reelected, of being rejected by peers or of familial disapproval, he must eventually drive righteousness from his heart to be comfortable with the compromises he will make to feel secure.

Acknowledge, but do not seek approbation; only righteousness leads to fulfillment.

3 thoughts on “Right Action

  1. Lady Leo

    In my own experience, compromises I’ve made in the name of security have always proven out ,with time, to be a millstone to my forward movement. Security can have some other guises; peace, habit, tradition and even the line of least resistance. It takes courage to live deliberately righteous. There will be times you will be ostracized for it but the price for momentary belonging is to relinquish your heart. Our hearts are how we see God.


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