Stride of Goodness

As you move forward in the logos, people will stand in your way. They can’t keep you from doing what’s healthy; don’t let them stop you from putting up with them either. Take care on both counts. Not just sound judgments, solid actions – tolerance as well, for those who try to obstruct us or give us trouble in other ways.

Because anger, too, is weakness, as much as breaking down and giving up the struggle. Both are deserters: the man who breaks and runs, and the one who lets himself be alienated from his fellow humans.” – Marcus Aurelius

Self-righteous indignation undoes more to break the stride of goodness in this world than any other evil. Sound judgments and solid actions set a necessary standard, but those setting the standards must resist the temptation to wave it in the faces of those who have not yet acceded to their higher calling. Instead, they must seek at every turn to rouse their fellows to greatness, to incline their hearts to their souls’ dearest wishes.

Logos is forever flowing despite the stony place in men’s hearts and minds. It flows to all men without prejudice, and those who extend the same impartiality, the same tolerance, to their worlds – action by action – share in its action.

5 thoughts on “Stride of Goodness

  1. David R

    How any of us deals with feelings of frustration is pivotal. The feelings themselves are going to present themselves, given the erratic condition of the world if nothing else. However, a noble stance allows the pressure to build so that openings may be found.

    Are there frustrations and disappointments? Of course. But God has exercised patience and forbearance, and so can we, not just because it’s ‘good’ to do so, but because it is the only way to bring the force to bear that will ultimately resolve matters.


  2. Steve V

    Thank you for your words and the inspiration to incline the hearts of those that I am with to their soul’s dearest wishes. Such beauty in this post.


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