The Space Between

The most precious real estate on earth sits between stimulus and response. Most treat this space as a “no-man’s land” and refuse to  inhabit it for either fear or uncertainty, if they take note of it at all. They close their eyes, hold their breath and scurry across it, completely unaware of the fact that the power of choice can only be exercised in this interstice.

This space, between stimulus and response, is the nexus of free will. Found only in its borders is the opportunity to exercise free will and thereby choose a response to the stimulus, rather than reacting animalistically, mindlessly, automatically. Simply relying on “gut” reactions is a fool’s errand, for gut reactions (which are actually more a matter of the heart than the gut) must be tempered by the mind if there is to be wise decision-making and subsequent growth.

The “many mansions” spoken of in the Bible are built in this space. To move in to this mansion you must be diligent in the care of your heart. A troubled heart is the direct result of the disregard of the opportunity present in this space. Seize the opportunity, choose a response rooted in dignity, love and truth, and receive the keys to the mansion prepared for you in this and every moment.


7 thoughts on “The Space Between

  1. Thanks to your daily stimulus, opportunity to start on the right foot and provide a response in word or just in heart (equally effective). The real test comes in the heat of the day, where the greatest of challenges lie. Each time a circumstance is handled patiently and with care, the space grows. Ever thankful am I, that my present consciousness is aware of its existence. This week will be full of opportunities, to fill that space with victories yes, but more importantly rightly handled failures, for the opportunity is equally inherent in both.
    Thank-you for opening the door.
    I choose to abide there.


  2. Joy

    How true that most are unaware of this “space between” and so consequently live their lives with their timing been off. I have fallen prey to this many times, and you can never regain the ground lost… If we have to muster up what we think is an appropriate heart response, it isn’t appropriate. What you have outlined today Gregg is such a critical point because it truly affords one the opportunity of living a life of fulfillment, or one lived in frustration. What countless opportunities there are for me each day to ensure that the nature of my heart is pure, so that I am increasingly aware of the true response to every stimulus.


  3. Steve V

    What a tremendous post. You have articulated the process we all experience and have made clear the choice we all have. The keys to the mansion are at and in our hand. Thank you for such a vital clarification for generative living. Just tried to submit this 5 or 6 times each time coming up with the wrong code message. It is good to see this as an opportunity to reside in a place choosing a response that is of the dignity of life. So often in seemingly frustrating experiences we may not take note of the opportunity we have at hand. Good to acknowledge this as it applies to such situations as well as all living opportunities.


  4. Lady Leo

    What a clear explanation of where our opportunity is to be that person we always wanted to be. The person who never gets sucked in to being ignoble but is dependably mature in their choice of reaction. They leave the door wide open for the magic inherent in life to be visible. What would happen, in our lives, if we’d stop spoiling it at this precious juncture before there is a chance to reveal what the Omnipotent has planned? If we’re considering this, it’s not too late to find out.


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