The Best Pillow

Fatigue is the best pillow.” – Benjamin Franklin

A simple thought for you today, but one with profound short and long-term implications…

I’ve stayed in a few hotels that had pillow “menus” and while I appreciate their concern for my wellbeing, I am inclined to agree with Dr. Franklin’s observation that “[f]atigue is the best pillow.” This is especially true if the fatigue is the result of both mental and physical exertion, for physical exhaustion while your mind is still running a mile a minute or mental exhaustion when your body is amped up may lead to a restless night.

Each day ought to be filled with a vigorous measure of both physical and mental activity. A healthy balance in this regard is essential to our wellbeing.

5 thoughts on “The Best Pillow

  1. Lady Leo

    I’ve always counted it a blessing that I could sleep well. I’ve realized as we age many sleep imbalances can come from hormone imbalance as well. Having raised a few children, I know their first 6 months gave me ample experience of sleep deprivation, it was challenging. I’ve also read that completing our sleep cycles uninterrupted was important… guess hospitals didn’t get the memo!


  2. Ricardo B.

    I can certainly attest to this gem of a truth. I firmly believe the body and mind need a measure of vigorous exertion daily for optimal well-being; at least mine do or else I cannot enjoy the full quiet the evening affords. It does something to balance the temperament, helping to achieve a right equilibrium in form and function. Alternate measures that strive for good balance fall a distant second.

    I believe somewhere back was mentioned something to the effect that ‘a good conscience makes for the best pillow’ too. True comfort would then seem to be the harvest or reward that comes from the body, mind and heart being exercised properly.


  3. Steve V

    It is good to acknowledge what it takes for physical and mental balance to be kept as we live our lives engaged as fully as possible.


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