1,300 Consecutive Daily Posts!

Well, dear readers, thanks to your constant encouragement, occasional derision and regular stories of positive change, I am thrilled to announce that we have accomplished one thousand three hundred consecutive daily posts together as of this morning! I set my self to this task based on the recognition that my fulfillment depends wholly on my ability to assist others to theirs and though publishing a daily post has been a ton of work on top of my family duties, responsibilities at work, travels and extracurricular interests, the process of writing daily has been deeply satisfying.

The last three and a half years have been full of pleasant surprises, considerable challenges and wide-ranging opportunities for creative expression for me and I understand from the heartening letters and thoughtful comments to my posts that they have been the same for many of you. Each of you has so much to offer and no matter how young or old, rich or poor, powerful or limited, disciplined or not you may feel in any given moment, there is always room for growth and refinement.

Thank you again for your support and yes, even your criticism and anonymous vituperation. Both matter to me immensely; both compel me to elaborate more completely, passionately and keenly on the various subjects near and dear to my heart.

Onward and upward-



20 thoughts on “1,300 Consecutive Daily Posts!

  1. Congratulations Gregg! You are an inspiration to me. It has been great to witness your constant love of learning new things, balancing your time with work, play and family all while having a cheerful smile and a kind word. I have changed so much in my life from watching you raise the bar. Thank you!


  2. James


    It has been a real pleasure to be a loyal reader of your blog over the last few years. The insight is always timely, relevant and useful. Thanks for introducing us to new poets, writer and persons of note and interest.

    Looking forward to the next 1300! Very inspiring.



  3. Chuck Reddick

    Your blogs continue to be the first thing that I look at each morning, and I have for the last three and a half years both enjoyed and appreciated them. It is amazing the difference that you have shared with us, either from your own heart of from the heart of others, have made both to me and I am certain to a good number of others. In particular I always enjoy and get a great deal from those blogs that discuss leadership, management, business – i guess those where one has a specific opportunity to provide, assist and serve others. Very inspiring – thanks!


  4. Steve V

    Your words do offer the experience of freedom. I have been most appreciative of them. Your example is an example for all of us to so provide for our worlds.


  5. Joy

    Well done Gregg!! You have been such an enormous blessing, I have deeply appreciated the opportunity your blog has afforded me to do some much needed internal work. How grateful I am for the tone you sound, for your amazing consistency and for the compulsion of your heart that inspired you to extend this precious blessing into the world. I look forward to what the years to come bring for our collective worlds.


  6. Katherine

    I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your daily posts, (being one of I’m sure many) who have ready all 1300! From The Pony in the Dung Heap to your poetry to your fascinating series based on the work of William George Jordan, it has been an eye opening, mind stretching, heartfelt journey. Thank you for all that you put into this blog. It is of great value to me, others and I’m sure future generations to come!


  7. Lady Leo

    I’ve enjoyed every post I’ve read. I love the diverse range of subjects. You’ve introduced me to some fabulous authors and poets, in addition to some very thought provoking ideas. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your original poetry, tis a gift to my soul, thank you. I appreciate your sincere commitment to making this world better and I join you in that.


  8. Congratulations, and thank-you Gregg, your consistency of expression is greatly appreciated!
    Each day, it would seem as though you have a peep hole into my experience.
    Eagerly rising to share in consideration of the things that matter most, and their wonderful facets of differentiated expression has been Amazing.
    Connecting with the spirit behind the words, has been gloriously refreshing, to say the least.
    Thanks & Look forward to sharing in the arrival of the Seventh!


  9. David R

    A noble milestone. Many high quality seeds sown, and the harvest depends upon those seeds, but also upon the degree of eagerness and fertility of heart on the part of those who receive.

    BTW, here’s a criticism: those captchas are getting harder to decipher!


      1. Steve V

        Just a note also about the captchas. I found that it is not so much disciphering them as to them not being correctly recognized. I have found that putting the correct captcha sometimes is not taken by the system.


  10. Brad

    Awesome Gregg! 1300 – WOW, the time goes by.
    I remember when you started,… and then several weeks into it thinking “how long is he going to do it?”…and ya just kept going! – that’s service – Thank you – you’re writing has made a significant difference in my life and those I touch


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