The Condition of Life

“And let us not forget that comfort weakens the stock, that striving, as Pourrat said, is the condition of life, adversity it’s climate.” – Emile Warré, Beekeeping for All

Look around the world or comb through the pages of history and you will find that comfort tends to breed complacency and complacency precipitates a subtle, yet devastating corporate decay. This is as true in the world of bees as it is in the human condition and perhaps the core of the reason why the single-minded pursuit of comfort is ultimately self-destructive.

If you arrange everything in your life around maximizing your comfort, you will soften, weaken and eventually crumble. Likewise, if you fail to push yourself mentally, physically and emotionally, your body, mind and “heart” will atrophy over time. Irrespective of your belief about the theory of evolution, it is obvious that the fittest in any context tend to survive.

My latest personal challenge is beekeeping. I suspect there will be mental, physical and emotional tests along the way. I can only hope that the design of my Warré hives, which were designed in part on the principle of the aforementioned “condition of life,” allows my bees to thrive as I intend to in the process of our collaboration.

What about you? What is your défi de la journée? Strength rejoices in the challenge!

5 thoughts on “The Condition of Life

  1. Ricardo B.

    One of the things I remember my dad being very passionate about saying during a time of our lives is that “life equals struggle.” Being a doctor, he was certainly influenced in the biological mechanisms of adaptation, in how various selection pressures force a species to adapt and his instruction from that to us his children was to expect challenges to occur in life.
    It’s ok to be uncomfortable through life as you can be assured that change and growth are occurring.
    My current challenges are many and what I’m doing about it is going back to school after more than 10 years. A full coarse load along with a full time job places demands on all levels, and I aim to keep fit by striking an ever greater balance in all my activities as I upgrade my organizational skills. It’s a pressure that’s compelling me to change – biology at work!


  2. Zach

    I actually feel that I work at my best when I am pushing my envelope for productivity. I think the saying “if you need something done ask a busy person” is pretty accurate. Seeking comfort leads down the slippery slope to entropy.


  3. Steve V

    My current challenge is engaging in postural correction exercises that challenge the body to be put in positions that have not been its usual way of positioning. This does provide a challenge to face and experience discomfort and at the same time a feeling of new invigoration in areas that have been dormant of life force. Good to share along these lines and to be open to possibilities that interest our aspiring nature of ourselves.


  4. Coco

    Beekeeping is quite a challenging hobby, especially in light of strange problems facing that industry. I’ll be very interested to hear about your experiences. For myself I enjoy a few hobbies and I have to admit, just as satisfying as a completed project is, the part I enjoy is researching it and learning the different approaches that have been tried. And of course I love to read the history of it as well. The Internet is a researchers dream and the sites dedicated to serious the hobbyist are either closely monitored from the weak minded or it’s another self selection process but they seem to create a helpful community. I really enjoy the sharing of information and experiences on the various blogs. Good luck!


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